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Meet DaRayl

DaRayl Davis is first and foremost a “Financial Coach” who guides people on how to recognize their true wealth and to rethink the way they see money.  His focus and determination led him to reach millionaire status prior to the age of 30.  He teaches others his principled-based systems approach to achieving financial goals and realizing their dreams.

He has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry.   DaRayl is the CEO of Financial Assurance Corporation and founder of Smart Money Academy, an online learning platform for financial education.  As the author of the best-selling book, Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment and Executive Producer and host of the show, Wealth of the Nation, Davis has shared his knowledge and investment strategies with countless individuals throughout the country.

DaRayl relays complex information gained through membership in major financial forums into easily understandable strategies for the layman.  His goal is to use his access to global thought leaders to “bring the knowledge of the one percent to the rest of the 99 percent.”  He is a member of the Global Interdependence Center, a free trade think tank that includes members from Federal Reserve Banks, Global Central Banks, AIG, PNC Banks and Wells Fargo.


“The D in his name stands for discipline, dedication and determination to serve and to create wealth and value for what you have going on.”



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Smart Money Academy

Guiding, Teaching, Empowering You For Financial Education and Building Wealth

DaRayl provides guidance and advisement through lively group sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions, in person and online, for individuals committed to financial education and building wealth.

At Smart Money Academy™ our concept is to teach individuals intelligent strategies, processes and best practices for how to think and make decisions about money. We teach principles and practices that have been used throughout the ages by the most successful individuals the world has known. We create and prepare the best content available, package it to address every learning style, and deliver it through the best Learning Management System (LMS).

At Smart Money Academy™, we empower students to chart their own course for learning using our unique delivery system, the Learning Management System (LMS) platform.  We provide an online experience like no other, and no matter the path you choose, you will walk away with badges, certificates, or course credits. This equates to real-world education and the ability to demonstrate your skills and core competency in the market place.

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